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How do I search for a hotel and make a booking?

There are many ways to search for a hotel on the MGallery hotels website.

  • * Select your destination town or city from the drop-down menu. You'll immediately get a list of the hotels available for your destination, for the dates you provided.
  • * You can also search for a hotel on the map.
How many hotel rooms can I book?

The MGallery website allows you to book up to three rooms for each hotel, for the same date or for different dates. If you need a fourth room at the same hotel, you need to make a new booking.

Please note that it is not possible to use the "contact hotel" section to book a fourth room.

How do I check or cancel a reservation?

Provide the confirmation number you were given when you booked your hotel, as well as your bankcard number.

To check or cancel a booking straightaway, please go to the homepage of the MGallery hotels website. You can also use your loyalty card number to retrieve your current bookings, if you provided this number when making your online booking. You can also view or cancel your reservation directly from your profile.

If you encounter technical problems when canceling a booking, please contact the hotel concerned directly.

To modify your booking online, you need to cancel your booking first and then make a new one.

If something happens and I have to cancel my booking, what's the deadline for cancellations?

Depending on the rates in question, you can cancel a booking on the same day that you are due to arrive. There are several ways to do this:

  • * You can cancel your booking up until 16:00, local hotel time, using the Check or cancel a reservation link on the MGallery website.
  • * By contacting the hotel directly before 18:00, local hotel time.

If you do not cancel your booking before 18:00, you will be charged the full rate for the first night. MGallery encourages you to check the specific conditions of your booking, which are binding and non-negotiable.

Please note that cancellation conditions may vary depending on the location of your hotel. Please refer to your booking confirmation or contact the hotel to confirm the cancellation deadline.

Do I need my credit card to make a booking?

Your bank details are required in order to validate your online bookings. The amount shown when making your booking will be debited by the hotel at the end of your stay or at the moment of booking. This may vary according to the terms of the applicable rate MGallery's online booking system is completely secure. There is no danger of your bank details being disclosed to third parties. To find out more, see our Data privacy section.

Don't want to provide your bank details over the Internet to guarantee your booking? In this case, you can contact your local telephone booking centre, which can be accessed via the Help and contacts page on our website.

Do you have a loyalty card? Your bankcard number will be requested if your loyalty card cannot be used for guarantee purposes.

Is the MGallery site secure?

To ensure that all transactions are secure, the MGallery website uses an SSL-encrypted protocol. Your bank details and any information you enter on the various forms are encrypted automatically when your data is transferred over the network.

The SSL encryption system (Secure Socket Layer) encrypts data automatically before it is transmitted over the network.

The SSL protocol is now supported by almost all browsers. To verify this, check that a padlock icon is displayed on the web page (next to the website address, or at the bottom right of your screen, depending on your browser).

MGallery always ensures that it has implemented the most reliable security systems available.

I get an error message when I change to security mode. What should I do?

To guarantee secure transactions and ensure greater confidentiality, the MGallery website uses SSL encryption software. However, some browsers are not compatible with this protocol. If you access the Internet via a proxy server, it may not be possible to access secure mode. If this happens, you need to go to the Help and contacts page to make your booking. Here you will find details of your nearest telephone reservation centre.

What does the message "booking deadline expired" mean?

When booking online via the MGallery website, bookings for a same-day check-in must be confirmed by 16:00, hotel local time.

For last-minute bookings, please contact the hotel concerned directly. Contact details for each hotel can be found on the corresponding description page.